Cinematic Storytelling & Video Services

“I like the idea of the documentary as a portrait. There's not a chronological beginning, middle, and end structure. You build something in the editing room that's shaped by getting to know the person and digging deeper, unpeeling the layers of them as you get to know them.”

Spike Jonze  |  Filmmaker


The Process

  1. Pre-production

    This is the point in your production where we prepare the details of your film. We want to learn about your story and what you want to accomplish. The planning process will include brainstorming, script writing, storyboarding, shoot coordination, shot lists and scheduling.

  2. Production

    Lights, Camera, Action! This is where we film all of the visual components needed for your piece. This can include interviews, narrative filmmaking and on-site documentary production.

  3. Post-Production

    We begin the editing process. Editing can often go unnoticed by the viewer; however, it is one of the most important elements of your film. This is where the narrative comes to life and the emotion of your story is crafted. Post-production also includes all music licensing, voice-overs, graphics and implementation.


Your story is waiting.