James Coleman II

James, founder and director, has had a camera in his hands since he was old enough to hold a camcorder. Producing small films throughout his childhood led him to attend a career technical high school with an emphasis on video production.

From this opportunity he worked for a video production company in Reno where he gained years of industry experience shooting, producing and editing for dozens of clients ranging from entrepreneurs to local government and non-profit organizations.

James is constantly exploring auteur cinema to better his skills as a storyteller.


Elspeth Summersgill

Elspeth Summersgill has experience in music, photography and theater. She brings close attention to detail in every stage of production.

In 2016, she co-founded Tweaking Reality Studios with the desire to create a company that honors and celebrates the practice of filmmaking and the power of cinematic storytelling.

Elspeth’s creative eye is prevalent in her ability as a cinematographer and editor. Her primary goal is to give people the power to co-create professional and creative films that carry an important message forward.


Valerie Padovani

Valerie Padovani has a background in marketing and public relations and is now using her skills to get more people to share their stories.

She is determined to see good ideas come to life. As the Lead Producer of Tweaking Reality Studios, Valerie puts your vision on the front line and guides the process until completion.

She’s an art lover of all kinds. Literature, theater, film, and anything that give her a new perspective and a slice of life she’s never known.

She enjoys traveling, trying recipes that require skills and foreign ingredients she doesn’t have, and will try most anything at least once. Valerie graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno.