James & Elspeth are a filmmaking duo in Northern Nevada with accumulative experience providing their filmmaking skills and process. Their primary goal is to give people the power to co-create professional and creative films that carry an important message forward.

James, founder and lead producer, has had a camera in his hands since he was big enough to hold a camcorder. Producing small films throughout his childhood led him to attend a career technical high school with an emphasis on video production. From this opportunity he worked for a video production company in Reno where he gained years of industry experience shooting, producing and editing for dozens of clients ranging from entrepreneurs to local government and non-profit organizations. 

“"Our story begins in 2015 when we met on a narrative film project that James was directing during the summer.  We have been inseparable ever since, both passionate and driven to immerse ourselves in filmmaking. Whether we are behind the lens or exploring cinema, we are true film lovers. In 2016, Tweaking Reality Studios was founded with the desire to create a company that honors and celebrates the practice of filmmaking and the power of cinematic storytelling.”

Here is a sense of what we do:

pre-production, we dive into collaboration, brainstorming, storyboarding, and shot lists;  

production includes lighting, filming and producing the moving pictures of your wedding, documentary or narrative film;

post-production is where the magic of editing, sound design, color grading and voice-overs take place. 

During the three years we’ve been in business, we have had the honor of creating films and video content for local artists, small businesses, museums, local and state government, schools, etc. We also provide a unique and professional wedding cinematography service. No matter the project or subject we aim to produce consistent and creative audio/visual material.